Restraint Kernmantle Rope Lanyard – Thimble Eyes – FA40 500 10/15/20

This range of three restraint kernmantle rope lanyard – thimble eyes included comes in three lengths; 1m, 1.5m and 2m. The outer sleeve provides additional protection to the core of the rope beneath, minimising the likelihood of abrasions occurring.

restraint kernmantle rope lanyard - thimble eyesSpecifications of the Restraint Kernmantle Rope Lanyard – Thimble Eyes – FA40 500 10/15/20

Irrespective of the length of lanyard you pick from this family of products, each one will be made using kernmantle rope that measures 12mm in diameter. This type of rope is especially tough and hard-wearing. Making it suitable for use in various conditions where its strength and resilience will be an asset.

The protection offered on this lanyard goes beyond the main body of the rope and also encompasses the loops. Which have their own thimble eyes to counteract abrasions.

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We also sell webbing lanyards which come with built in shock absorbing abilities, ranging in lengths between 1.5m  and 2.0m This lanyard will not offer the same cushioning in the event of a fall from height, but for restraint purposes it is ideal.

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