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7m Retractable Fall Arrest Block

7m Retractable Fall Arrest Block

Take fewer risks and reduce the chances of injuries when working at height with the FA20 400 07. It is a 7m retractable fall arrest block. With 7 metres of wire rope and a 100kg weight limit it has good capabilities. Its impact resistant design is capable of limiting damage during use.

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Features of the 7m retractable fall arrest block – FA20 400 07

The first thing to note about this 7 metre retractable fall arrest block is that the casing that surrounds the internal mechanics. It is made out of high grade polymer. This material can withstand hefty impacts. So it should survive well in hectic commercial environments.

The  rope is attached to a braking system that will stop falls with as little force as 6kN or lower. So rather than leaving users feeling jarred and dazed, it will handle them with impressive gentleness if they slip or fall. Its minimum breaking strength is 15kN.

Its abilities are achieved in part thanks to the external energy absorber. While the swivel fitting which sits at the end of the wire rope gives users complete freedom of movement.

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