20m Retractable Fall Arrest Block

Delivering an impressive 20 metres of steel wire rope and an upper weight limit of 100kg, the FA20 400 20 20m retractable fall arrest block combines lots of sought-after retractable fall arrest block features in its appropriately proportioned housing.

Details of the 20m Retractable Fall Arrest Block – FA20 400 20

20m retractable fall arrest blockAs well as being 20 metres in length, the wire rope which is at the heart of this retractable fall arrest block is protected against the elements through the process of galvanisation. This extends its usable lifespan and reflects the general robustness of the other materials used in its construction, such as its polymer casing.

A handle on the exterior of the block makes it a breeze to carry and set up where it is needed. A swivel hook and karabiner combo means that users can attach themselves quickly and get to work efficiently without compromising on safety.

The mechanism within the block which handles braking when a fall takes place will bring the user to a stop with a force of 6kN or less, effectively cushioning their progress and bringing them under control all at once.

Comprehensive Safety Kit to Buy

Our height safety equipment range features other retractable fall arresters, so whether you require 3.5 metres of rope length or 25 metres, there is a product for you at Rope Services Direct.

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