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15m Retractable Fall Arrest Blocks

15m Retractable Fall Arrest Blocks

Compact enough for use in confined spaces, yet strong and rugged enough to keep users safe at all times, the FA20 400 15 is a 15m retractable fall arrest blocks built to the same high standards as our other height safety equipment.

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Design of the 15m retractable fall arrest blocks – FA20 400 15

Starting on the outside, the casing of the FA20 400 15 is created using a stout polymer material. This prevents damage during use or in the event of a fall.

Within, this retractable fall arrest block there is a braking system that automatically kicks in. This minimises the force exerted upon the user. It brings the force down to under 6kN when the 140kg vertical load limit is not exceeded.

This product is also approved for horizontal use, with its 15 metre steel wire cable giving workers excellent levels of manoeuvrability. A swivel snap hook keeps them secured to the block without hampering their movements. In all it is an important piece of equipment to comply with relevant regulations.

Not found the Equipment you need?

Shorter variants are available, including a 6 metre retractable fall arrest block. We also supply longer models going up to 30 metres so you can pick and choose as you see fit.

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