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Ratchet Chain Binders

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Use ratchet chain binders for securing loads the easy way.

Ratchet chain binders may also be referred to as ratchet load binders, probably because they are used to tighten up a chain over a load to secure it. Ratchet load binders can be supplied on their own to be used with existing chain on your vehicle. However  if you do not have any chain, or need to replace your old one then we can supply any length in a variety of link sizes along with the most suitable hooks. We only use quality chain and components so you can be assured of great products.

Ratchet chain binders use a ratchet mechanism to tighten the chain over the load. This takes out all the hard work plus they require much less energy than a standard lever load binder. These types of cargo restraints are commonly used in the agriculture and transport industries.  They are perfect for safely and securely tying down loads on Lorries and trailers. Find out about the code of practice for securing loads here.

So if you need a product to secure your loads then contact Rope Services Direct who can supply ratchet chain binders in a range of sizes, with or without the chain. We also manufacture and supply many other types of cargo restraints such as ratchet lashings, cam bucklescustom ratchets and more, many of our products are made to order in our own workshop to your exact specifications by our experienced team.

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How to use Ratchet Chain Binders

Ratchet load binders are simple enough to fit and operate. Simply attach the chains to the lorry’s lashing points.  Then pass the chain over the cargo which needs to be secured. The chain can then be attached to the hooks on the load binder and cranking can begin. The lever simply needs to be cranked back and forth and the ratchet mechanism will do the hard work. It will tighten the chains up gradually until you stop cranking.

The ratchet system means that it will not become loose during transportation and therefore deemed much safer than the simple lever load binders, where the lever may work loose in transit, leaving you with an unsecured cargo; although there are methods to adopt to prevent this.

Pre-use Inspection Checks

Before each use a ratchet load binder, the chain and hooks should be checked over to ensure it is in good working order, there should be no damage to any parts which could be problematic when in use.

Things to look out for include cracks, nicks and gouges. Also check that the lever engages and moves smoothly. The chains used on the ratchet chain binder should be free from damaged links. Even a slightly bent or distorted link could cause major issues. Check over the hooks for any signs of cracks etc.

Ratchet chain binders should not be repaired by welding, heating or bending. This could alter the materials structure and affect the lashing capacity.

Thorough inspections should be carried out at six monthly intervals if used regularly. This should be carried out by a qualified person who can issue new paperwork to show the binder is safe to use.

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