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Do you have an unusual load to secure where “off the shelf” ratchets just won’t do the job? Then talk to us at Rope Services Direct. We are experts in ratchet design and can manufacture in-house custom ratchet straps. These are suitable for a multitude of purposes and with various load bearing capacities.

More information on our custom ratchet straps

Securing your goods and loads has never been so simple with our range of Ratchet tie down straps. They operate in exactly the same way as our range of other ratchet straps and cargo restraint.  The key difference being that these are bespoke and custom made.

The industries which use this type of equipment has increased much in recent years.  There are a variety of reasons for using custom ratchet lashings. The type of loads or objects that they are working with can vary greatly too. And this equipment is rarely a “one-size-fits-all”. That’s why having custom-made equipment is the answer.

Our custom ratchet straps are available in any length, thanks to our ability to custom cut and stitch them at our premises. We use industrial sewing machines and expert, skilled staff for this process. We have been manufacturing and supplying custom ratchet straps for many years. Because we manufacture on site, our straps are tested for strength and safety.

With a variety of end fittings to choose from, you can be sure to get the perfect ratchet tie down straps to suit your purpose. We stock a range of hooks including; Chassis Hook, Delta Link, Rave Hook and the Twisted Safety Hook.

As well as being available in a variety of lengths, we can also supply this equipment in a variety of widths and colours too. They are constructed from a strong polyester material. All are manufactured in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, which are: DIN 60060 and EN 12195/2.

More information on our polyester material

Polyester is a man-made, synthetic material and is commonly used for ratchet straps. Here we have explained the key benefits of this material, and why you’ll want to use it for your operation!

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it is an extremely strong material. While it isn’t a substitute for metal for some operations, where appropriate it provides more than enough strength. And it offers many benefits that metals can’t.

It’s an incredibly resistant material too, having a good level of resistance against chemicals, stretching shrinking, wrinkles, mildew, abrasion and moisture.  Moisture and mildew resistance is important when used outdoors.

Finally, it is a material that easily retains its shape, and is also quick drying.

Added extras for custom ratchet straps & lashings

We also supply wear sleeves which can be fitted to your custom ratchet straps. Polyester is already an extremely strong and highly resistant material. However it is sometimes recommended to consider extra protection for those particularly abrasive operations.

These wear sleeves can also offer extra protection to the load itself. Ensuring that it doesn’t become damaged or scratched through abrasion during an operation.

Choose your preferred fitting from our collection for us to fit.  This means you will get a totally bespoke lashing to suit your needs. You can find our contact details below, where we can discuss this in greater detail.

                                                                                                    custom made ratchet straps

Ready to place an order?

Choose your ideal width, length and material and speak to Rope Services Direct of Dudley on 01384 78004 about us manufacturing a custom ratchet for you. Typical lead-times to dispatch are 2 to 3 working days but do call us as this will depend on exactly what is required.

If you would like to contact us using a different method, you can find a full list of our details available here.

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