Buying High Performance Webbing Slings

Webbing slings have a great number of uses, seeing themselves used in industries ranging from lifting and lowering to survival gear for hikers. Many of the applications that they are used for exert a high amount of pressure on the sling itself, and it’s vital that it is able to cope with this high level of performance. We’ve covered a bit more on high performance webbing slings below.

Our webbing slings

It must be said from the outset that our equipment is designed and manufactured to be high performance whatever situation it is placed it. Primarily we supply this type of sling for heavy lifting and lowering operations which, given its very nature, requires a strong piece of gear.

However, given the flexible nature of lifting gear, you’ll find that it’s not just bought for lifting tasks. Some of its other applications, which require a high performance, are:


  • Protective lines for mountain climbers that can be tied around rocks or trees
  • Also for mountain climbing, it can be used to help perform a rescue
  • It’s often used by firefighters to help safely move civilians out of harm’s way
  • Tree surgeons use it to climb up and down trees


Each of these uses places a high strain on the equipment, and so a sturdy nature is vital. The main material used is polyester, a strong material that is extremely durable, making it highly resistant to many chemicals, as well as breaking or snapping.

Given its flexible nature, it will always retain its shape, so can be bent and folded as much as needs be. It is often wrapped around loads to form a protective lifting apparatus, and while it is strong, it’s lightweight material means it won’t damage the load either.


How can you improve the performance of your sling?

As you can see, this equipment will be “high performance” from the get go. But if you are after gear that can go the extra mile, then there are a number of ways you can increase its performance.

Firstly, looking for the colour coding of the sling you are purchasing, as this relates to how much weight it can handle. Orange (10 tonnes), blue (8 tonnes) and brown (6 tonnes) are able to handle the heaviest weights.

Items which have a PVC coating are designed for harsher environments, as the coating helps to provide a protective outer layer which adds an extra layer of resistance to moisture, corrosion and chemical substances.

high performance webbing slings

An example of a PVC coated object

Also consider protective sleeving, which encase your product in a secure polyurethane jacket that acts as a barrier between your gear and the harsh surface or environment that it is coming in contact with.

Finally, there are also metal mesh slings, designed for environments that are hot or abrasive in nature and that could result in the piercing or cutting of other types of material.

Find out more about high performance webbing slings

Above are just some of the ways that you can help to improve the performance of what is already a high performing tool. If you would like to find out more about high performance webbing slings, contact us here.


Image credit: WerbeFabrik