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10 Qualities to Demand When Buying Cargo Ratchet Straps

31 January, 2018
Cargo ratchet straps are a popular and widely used piece of equipment, particularly within the transport industry, where they are regularly used to tie down loads. These can sometimes be extremely heavy loads, or involve multiple loads. For this reason, it is crucial that you have only the highest quality equipment. Whether you choose to shop with us here at Rope Services Direct or elsewhere (we won’t judge!), it’s important to know what to look for. To help, we’ve laid out 10 qualities to demand when buying cargo ratchet straps.

#1 The right product for the job

The first thing to note is that there are many types of cargo straps available. It seems like an obvious point to make, but it’s crucial that you get the right product for the job! Do your research, gain an understanding of what the requirements are for your task, and ensure that you are left with the best product possible. Tied in with this is ensuring that you are being looked after by knowledgeable and high-quality sales reps. This product is regularly used in the transport industry

#2 The width and diameter

Cargo straps and ratchet straps come in a whole range of widths and diameters to suit a multitude of tasks, and it’s important that you have the right one for the job. This ties in nicely to the point above. Again, speaking with an expert should leave you knowing exactly what the right width and diameter should be for your piece of equipment.

#3 Bespoke pieces

One of the benefits to using cargo straps is that they can often be manufactured as bespoke to suit your operation. If this is the case, then you should be left with a piece of equipment that is high-quality, and that fits exactly to your specifications.

#4 Made from high strength material

Cargo straps should be constructed from high strength material, which will be 100% polyester. This is crucial, as they will often be tying down extremely heavy loads, and you simply cannot afford for them to break. Demand that any strap that you purchase has been thoroughly tested and re-tested before use.

#5 Water resistant

Part of a cargo strap’s high strength nature is the fact that it is water resistant. This is important, as sometimes straps will be used in open-air environments, meaning that they can easily be exposed to the elements. Not only should your straps be water resistant, but they should also not lose any strength when wet either.

#6 UV resistant

Alongside water resistance, your cargo ratchet strap should have great UV resistance too. Just as they may be exposed to moisture in an open-air environment, they may also be exposed to sunny rays on the other end of the weather’s spectrum too. They must be able to resist these rays! It is also important that your cargo strap is resistant to chemicals, oils, moulds and mildew too.

#7 Low stretch properties and good durability

The final point about your cargo ratchet strap’s composition that ties in with its strength and properties is its low stretch nature and its durability. When buying a cargo strap, you should demand that not only will it be low stretch, therefore avoiding any unpredictable moving of loads, but also that it will last a long time too. cargo ratchet straps Here we can see cargo straps in action

#8 Comply with all laws and regulations

Whichever manufacturer you choose to shop with, you should be using one who complies with all relevant laws and regulations, and who produces equipment which passes all guidelines too. These will be:

#9 After care service

It’s not just about the quality of your cargo ratchet straps that you should be demanding from the get-go, but also the quality of the aftercare services that you will receive too. While all equipment will be manufactured with only the highest quality in mind, there may be times when things can go wrong. For this, it is crucial that you have great quality customer support in place, whether this be for refunds, repairs, or something else. You’ll be able to guarantee yourself of this by shopping around with manufacturers to find the best one.

#10 The right end terminations

Just as there are multiple types of cargo strap and ratchet strap, there are also multiple ways that they can be finished too. Some have hooks, while others may have buckles. Consider which will be the best for your operation, and ensure you get the one that you ask for!

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We hope that the above information has been useful in helping you to decide what the qualities are that you should not only be looking out for, but demanding, when buying cargo ratchet straps. Should you have any other questions, please get in contact with us here.    
Image credits: Sean Johnston and skeeze