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8mm 7x7 stainless steel wire rope

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8mm 7x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

8mm 7x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Endowed with an 8mm diameter, this example of our extensive 7x7 stainless steel wire rope family manages to pack a load-bearing punch while remaining flexible enough to work effectively in various environments. Find out more on our 8mm 7x7 stainless steel wire rope below.

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Technical Info on 8mm 7x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

The working load limit of this wire rope is a hair under four tonnes; 3974kg to be precise. Also worth noting is the breaking force rating, which is 39kN. If these parameters are acceptable for your intended use, then this is the right rope for you.

Stainless steel wire rope like this 8mm 7x7 example will also be suitable for settings in which exposure to moisture is unavoidable. From marine rigging to balustrade construction, this rope will stick around for longer, whatever the climate throws at it.

As an added bonus, the polished finish of all stainless steel makes this rope shine and sparkle, where other options might seem dull and unimpressive by comparison. If you are looking for rope with an aesthetic impact, this is it.

Tensile Strength 1570 (AISI)

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG
8 24.58 39 3,974

Fittings, Assemblies & more

As you order wire rope with us, remember that you can get us to attach the right fittings at the factory. You can even choose from a range of wire rope assemblies that are pre-constructed to suit a number of different uses.

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