5 Major Webbing Sling Advantages

Webbing slings are a mainstay of the lifting industry; this is with good reason as they offer many advantages, such as their low cost and considerable flexibility. In this article we explore five of the most major webbing sling advantages of using them in the workplace.

 1)    Versatility

One of the main advantages of webbing slings is their versatility of applications. Just as a few examples, webbing slings are ideal for use with cranes as crane slings, for cargo handling as cargo slings and also are perfect for recreational use.

 2)    Custom made

Webbing slings (as like ours here at Rope Services Direct) can be custom-made to suit the exact needs of a requirement. Both webbing slings as well as straps can be custom-made to the exact length/width needed and also the strength required using industrial sewing machines.

 3)    Safe working loads

The correct use of webbing slings ensures compliance with industrial standards. The convenient international colour code standards accompanied with clear writing of capacity on the sling itself ensures that webbing slings will meet the safe working loads requirements.

 Here is a list of the colours and their weight capacities:

·         Purple – 1 tonne

·         Green – 2 tonne

·         Yellow – 3 tonne

·         Grey – 4 tonne

·         Red – 5 tonne

·         Brown – 6 tonne

·         Blue – 8 tonne

Orange – 10 tonne

webbing sling advantages

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1)   Webbing sling advantages – Low initial cost

The initial outlay of webbing slings is very low, especially when compared to other lifting techniques. Even businesses on the tightest of budgets will be able to afford webbing slings without having to compromise on safety. Call us today to receive a quote for our low-cost, high quality webbing slings.

2)  Webbing sling advantages – Lightweight and flexible

Webbing slings are very lightweight, which makes them ideal to transport from site to site as well as to use on the job. Combined with this lightweight is the flexibility that an investment in webbing slings delivers.

Perfect for economical storage too, webbing slings are well suited to working with delicate objects and will not scratch or damage surfaces during use.

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