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36mm 6x36 galvanised wire rope

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36mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

36mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

Giving you a good mix of sturdiness in combination with flexibility, our 36mm 6x36 galvanized wire rope ticks a lot of boxes and brings a bounty of other benefits to bear on lifting duties in various industries and settings.

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36mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

Aside from the upper load limit of 92,181kg that this 36mm diameter wire rope can achieve, the most impressive aspect of its design is the galvanized surface. The purpose of processing the steel strands in this way is to ensure that rust cannot appear even in marine environments where contact with moisture is inevitable.

We also make and sell stainless steel rope, which is also able to resist corrosion. Its sleek surface gives it the aesthetic edge, but galvanized rope is equally reliable and resilient.

Wire Core  1770 1960
Diameter kg/100M kN Kg kN Kg
36 530.06 817 83,245 904 92,181
Fibre Core  1770 1960
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
36 475.63 757 77,166 838 85,449

Potential alterations of the 36mm 6x36 Galvanized Wire Rope

If you need a wire rope assembly made by specialists using this 36mm diameter 6x36 galvanised rope, Rope Services Direct can conjure up a completely customisable creation for you.

We work with the best fittings and attachments around, putting our expertise to good use and leaving customers from across the country satisfied with the results. Let us know what configuration you require and we will be happy to help. We have our very own facilities with industrial machinery and operatives to custom make your rope.

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