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16mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

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16mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

16mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

Capable of battling bend fatigue and bringing lots of other benefits to the table, our  6x36 construction compacted rope with IWRC is a great investment for a variety of uses. Whatever length of rope you require or fittings you want to add, we can create the perfect 16mm 6x36 compacted wire rope for you.

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16mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope Qualities

This 16mm diameter rope has undergone a compaction process to tightly compress the strands. This not only makes it smaller, but also stronger. In comparison to a standard non-compacted rope  of the same diameter, the compacted version can lift more weight. Compacted rope also boasts a sleeker, smoother appearance. In addition the cable is easier to handle than traditional wire rope as there are no raised ridges thanks to the compaction process flattening them out.

Meanwhile in the middle the 6x36 configuration of outer strands is wrapped and compacted around a core made of steel, enhancing the reliability.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960 2160

Breaking Strength
Diameter mm kg/100M kN Kg kN Kg kN Kg
16 122.37 183.5 18,707 203.2 20,715 223.9 22,829

Compacted Cable uses?

This product will be able to tackle load-handling tasks of many sorts. They are perfect for use over pulleys and sheave blocks due to their smaller diameters and smoother exterior. They are commonly used as crane ropes. It is also more attractive than standard galvanized rope, with the compacted strands creating less friction and therefore easier to handle, which may be relevant in some cases.

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