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14mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

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14mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

14mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

In spite of its comparatively narrow 14mm diameter, this particular edition of our 6x36 construction wire rope is compacted. The outer strands are pressed tight through dies and/or rollers around the core, ensuring compact strength, durability and flexibility. So what else does the 14mm 6x36 compacted wire rope offer buyers?

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Main Advantages of the 14mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

Most customers looking for compacted wire rope are aware that it is much smoother and easier to handle, while also providing plenty of durability thanks to its wear & abrasion resistant properties.

Another reason to pick this 14mm diameter rope, aside from its compaction which improved breaking load abilities, is its smooth exterior. The construction of this rope consists of 6 bundles of 36 strands wrapped around a similar steel core. These are much less likely to create friction, which is great for hauling, handling and storing purposes. With capacities of up to 17,478kg, this specific rope range is tough and practical.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960 2160

Breaking Strength
Diameter mm kg/100M kN Kg kN Kg kN Kg
14 93.69 140.5 14,322 155.6 15,860 171.5 17,478

Fittings and more

Elsewhere on the Rope Services Direct site you can find a full family of wire rope fittings. When ordering your 6x36 compacted wire rope, you can ask for specific fittings to be included and installed. This is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to procuring them separately or installing them in-house. Let us do the hard work so you do not have to! There are some fittings need to be professionally pressed onto the rope using and industrial high tonne press machine. This permanently attaches the fitting to the rope which is otherwise achievable without correct machinery.

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