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13mm 8x25 compacted wire rope

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13mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

13mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

We manufacture various types of compacted rope, with this 8x25 configuration steel option proving popular thanks to its resistant qualities. 13mm diameter rope of this kind is the narrowest we produce and still delivers ample strength thanks to the compaction process. Sold in 1 metre lengths

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About 13mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

Hold a piece of standard steel rope in one hand and a compacted equivalent in the other and you will easily be able to identify the difference between the two. The pressure applied to the latter during manufacturing makes the outer surface smoother, while allowing the wire bundles to be pushed closer together.

The result is a fatigue resistant, sturdy structure which in the case of this 13mm example can take loads of up to 16.88 tonnes in spite of being comparatively thin. It also has a 165.5kN load capacity, which should allay fears about the potential for breakages

Choose this rope to form part of an assembly, made for you by Rope Services Direct, to reap a range of important benefits like this.

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