1.5mm 1x19 Stainless Steel Rope Wire | 1.5mm Stainless Rope

1.5mm 1x19 stainless steel wire rope

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1.5mm 1x19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

1.5mm 1x19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Measuring 1.5mm in diameter, this edition of our 1x19 configuration stainless steel wire rope is regularly used in a wide variety of situations. From maritime and construction to home improvement and beyond. Find out more about the 1.5mm 1x19 stainless  rope and its features. Also learn how to order from RSD right here!
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1.5mm 1x19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

With a high sheen finish and a smooth profile, our 1x19 wire rope made from stainless steel proves a popular option for many customers across a range of backgrounds. For instance its potential applications include everything from use in the safe rigging of a sail boat to inclusion in the metal frame banisters of a modern stairway.

Customise your 1.5mm 1x19 stainless steel wire rope

When you buy wire rope from Rope Services Direct, you have the freedom to adjust your order according to your precise needs. In addition quality stainless steel end fittings can be added to suit you. So whether you want our thin, versatile 1.5mm rope as found on this page, or our thicker 6x36 construction 48mm stainless steel products, you only need to ask us.

We can supply rope in any length. Above all our competitive prices ensure that we are always able to offer you a great deal.  From crane ropes to theatre cables, our site is brimming with brilliant products to pick.

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M Kn KG
1.5 1.11 1.85 189

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We are here to help whenever you need it, whether you call us on 01384 78004 or send an email our way for a quick reply, ordering your 1.5mm 1x19 stainless steel wire rope has never been easier. We can provide in-depth details about the wire rope we stock, sort out your order and assist in whatever way we can.