Wire Rope Tools

Rope Services Direct has a number of handy wire rope tools and accessories to support organisations and private individuals who work with wire-rope on a regular basis. This page summarises these tools and provides a pointer as to where to find additional information.


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Wire Rope Tools

Wire-rope cutters are invaluable for the safe cutting of W.R without causing strands to become damaged. We have a number of crimping tools available which once again are extremely valuable when working with wire-rope. For preservation and long-term use, W.R needs to be lubricated so also checkout our wire lubricant products. Lubricating wire-rope on a regular basis will not only make them easier to handle but lengthen the working life of the rope by offering protection to the wires and strands from rubbing and friction which can cause breakages to the wires and render the rope unusable.

Working with wire-ropes can be more hazardous than you may think and nasty injuries can occur if not handled correctly or the correct tools are not used. There are certain procedures to follow for handling, reeling, coiling, unreeling and general handling to ensure the handler remains as safe as possible. Remember when handling any type of wire-rope you should wear the correct protective clothing, in particular safety gloves and glasses. These should always be worn to protect eyes and hands from metal splinters, and the hands from friction burns and reactions to the lubricants used within the rope. More information about the safe handling and storage of wire-ropes can be found on our main wire-rope page here.

Check out the product pages for more information and/or call our sales team if you require any more information.