Fibre Rope, Nylon & Other Man-Made Ropes

Fibre rope is used from seafaring activities, straight through to construction; the range of nylon rope we have available at Rope Services Direct Ltd guarantees the utmost safety and reliability. Available in an extensive variety of man-made materials, you are sure to find the right product to meet your needs.

Types of Fibre Rope

We supply 3 types of man-made fibre ropes; nylon, polyester and polypropylene all having their own unique properties. In brief, man-made rope is made from a variety of chemicals which create a reaction when super heat treated to form polymers/strands which in turn go through various processes and then are made into the rope.

Nylon rope

Very strong with excellent stretch properties with the ability of returning to the normal length when the load is removed, this makes it the ideal rope in applications where shock loading is likely to occur. Nylon is resistant to UV rays and chemicals and makes an extremely robust rope, often with a greater longevity than most other ropes and is also ideal for use in nylon straps.

Polyester rope

Possesses very little stretch and so will not fare well under shock loading, however polyester has excellent strength properties which is not lost when the rope is wet making it an ideal rope for mooring, fishing and around dockyards; though is also widely used in factories for slinging and also towing operations. Polyester ropes are generally soft and easy to handle and are ideal for creating braided rope and hand splicing.

Polypropylene rope

Perhaps the most widely used man-made rope due to the fact that it is often cheaper to produce and also its excellent qualities which include it being lightweight, flexible, buoyant, does not shrink, and resistant to oil, acids and other chemicals. Because of its buoyancy, polypropylene rope is commonly used in the marine and seafaring industries as well as for water sports.

Man-made fibre ropes

Our man-made fibre rope is available at extremely competitive prices and can be tailored in regards to length. Once you have found your desired product, simply get in touch with our team to place your order and specify your required length.