7 x 7 Theatre Cable

At Rope Services Direct you can find all sorts of products built for reliable, safe lifting. Our 7 x 7 theatre cable comes in diameters ranging between 2mm and 13mm, providing strength and resilience suitable for use in performance spaces. Browse our full theatre cable line up for more configuration options.

7 x 7 Theatre Cable Options

As well as being manufactured in different diameters, our 7 x 7 construction theatre cable can be sold with an uncompromising PVC coating. This protects the cable’s metal core from damage, as well as making it completely camouflaged in a stage environment. Black is the most common colour option for plastic coated rope, although you can choose other hues if you have specific needs.7 x 7 theatre cable

Further Theatre Cable Customisation Capabilities

We create theatre cables in-house and can tailor their size and shape to meet customer expectations. We also test our cables and wire rope thoroughly before delivery, which will help with ensuring safety standards are met. Choose whatever fittings, attachments and features you want when ordering 7 x 7 construction theatre cables with us and we can fashion a bespoke creation that will be ideal for your venue. There is no need to rely on generic wire rope when you work with us.

Get Advice on 7 x 7 Construction Theatre Cables

Our expert team can answer questions you might have about the theatre cables we sell. Contacting them is as simple as calling 01384 78004 or emailing us via our site. We can provide further information, quotes and help in any situation.

1570 (AISI)
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