7 x 19 Theatre Cable

Hoisting and handling heavy equipment is essential in the theatre industry, which is why we manufacture 7 x 19 theatre cable that is up to the task of completing common jobs safely. Diameters of between 3mm and 13mm are offered, along with a host of other customisation options.

Buying Bespoke 7 x 19 Theatre Cable

7 x 19 theatre cable / wire ropeRope Services Direct can supply 7 x 19 construction theatre cable that is not only of an exceptional quality, but also completely customised to fit in with your requirements. We can add plastic coating to cover up the wire rope, shielding it against impacts and abrasions as well as making it harder to see. RSD can provide the exact length of cable you need for whatever lifting duties you need to fulfil. We can add attachments, including shackles, that will provide practical benefits. The choice is truly yours, and if you are on the hunt for other types of theatre cable, our full range is sure to feature what you are looking for.

Tried & Tested Theatre Cables

To meet safety expectations our theatre cables are fully tested and manufactured using the latest techniques. We also sell plastic coated wire rope for a number of other industries.

Learn About 7 x 19 Construction Stage Cable

Call or email Rope Services Direct if you are uncertain about any of the products we sell, including our 7 x 19 construction theatre cables. Our rapid response form is the best way to contact us online. Alternatively, you can ring our team on 01384 78004 for added convenience.

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