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2mm 6x7 plastic coated wire rope

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2mm 6x7 Plastic Coated Wire Rope (1m Length)

2mm 6x7 Plastic Coated Wire Rope (1m Length)

There are plentiful plastic coated wire rope options available here at Rope Services Direct, including this 6x7 product which can be ordered in a number of diameters, the narrowest of which is 2 millimetres. Read on for more information on the 2mm 6x7 Plastic Coated Wire Rope.

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Performance & benefits of 2mm 6x7 Plastic Coated Wire Rope

As with all plastic coated rope, this 2mm 6x7 construction example will be able to limit the likelihood of corrosion forming, keep the metal surface from reflecting light for inconspicuous use cases and even reduce abrasions to boost durability and minimise wear and tear.

It may have a modest diameter, making it the smallest of our 6x7 plastic coated rope range, but it can still handle loads of up to 213kg and provide a breaking strength of 2.08kN.

1770 1960 1570 (AISI)
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG Kn  KG
2 1.38 2.35 240 2.6 265 2.08 213

Other wire rope options

In addition to wire rope that has been coated in plastic, you can turn to RSD when you are in need of a variety of different products in this category.

Our stainless steel rope, for example, is also an excellent choice for any customer that requires rope which looks good and will resist rust. Our compacted rope is able to offer superior strength and resilience, while our non-rotating rope can easily cope with crane-based lifting duties.

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Ask us questions, get quotes and place orders for plastic coated rope or any other RSD product by calling our sales hotline on 01384 78004 or heading to our contact page where you can find our rapid response form as well as other details. Don’t forget we also manufacture webbing products such as web slings and cargo restraints. All of which can be made to suit your needs.