32×7 Non-Rotating Wire Rope

Non-rotating equipment is the perfect solution for applications requiring main hoist ropes, crane ropes, deck ropes, whip ropes or many more. Here you will find more information on our 32×7 non-rotating wire rope.

Full product information for the 32×7 non-rotating wire rope

32x7 non rotating wire rope constructionNon-rotating equipment has been specially designed so that the outer layers and inner layers run in opposite directions. This will prevent the rope itself unravelling, losing strength, or failing. Any of these situations or circumstances could obviously be extremely catastrophic.

While standard wire rope is perfect for many situations, sometimes non-rotation rope is the only solution. However, you must ensure that you handle this product with the utmost care, as it is generally a little more unstable than its counterparts in that there is more internal friction between the wires and the strands.

For this reason, it is imperative that you inspect your equipment more regularly, taking the time to ensure that it remains in a safe working condition. Please also avoid any shock loading, and ensure that the seizing the ends of the rope has been done correctly so that the strands will not unravel.

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32×7 non-rotating wire rope has become an incredibly useful product, and helps to service many industries where standard equipment can’t. But, as mentioned extra care needs to be taken. We can help with inspections, or any other questions you may have. Simply call us on 01384 78004.

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Nominal DiameterApproximate MassMinimum Breaking Loads
1960 Mpa