19×7 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Here at Rope Services Direct we manufacture, stock and supply a wide range of wire rope products, suitable for many different industries and applications. Each has its own unique set of features and functions, so it’s important that you shop carefully. Here you will find more information on our 19×7 rotation resistant wire rope.

19×7 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope Full product information 

19x7 non rotating wire ropeNon-rotating rope has been constructed in a different way to standard rope. With the standard versions, all strands and wires have been laid in the same direction in order to create the finished product.

The difference with this type of product is that the outer layers of strands and wires have been laid in the opposite direction to the inner layers. This means that the outer layer will have the opposite direction of force movement to the inner layer, so they will effectively cancel each other out.

This innovative method of construction helps to prevent any unnecessary and unwanted rotating of the rope keeping operations and results safe and predictable.

The 19×7 non-rotating wire rope has been constructed from 19 bundles of 7 strands of strong, robust stainless steel metal.

How to order your Anti-spin Rope

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Minimum Breaking Force Factor
K = 0.328
Nominal Length Mass Factor
W =  0.401