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12mm 7x7 galvanised wire rope

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12mm 7x7 Galvanised Wire Rope - Wire Core

12mm 7x7 Galvanised Wire Rope - Wire Core

We produce plenty of different versions of our 7x7 galvanized rope, of which this 12mm diameter example is the thickest, toughest and most resilient. Able to face     down corrosion before it can take root, this 12mm 7x7 Galvanized wire rope has heaps of potential.

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Key facts to consider about 12mm 7x7 Galvanized Wire Rope

With any wire rope purchase you need to look not only at the materials, but also the strand configuration, diameter and any fittings included.

This 12mm rope offers a sturdy steel wire construction throughout. With each of the 7x7 strands combining to create a load capacity of 8942kg. It is not entirely inflexible, but this wire core is not as slinky as a fibre core alternative. This is the price you pay for strength.

If you want fittings installed, Rope Services Direct can handle this for you, even going so far as to make an assembly with the 12mm 7x7 galvanised wire rope.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG kN KG
12 55.3 98.9 10,081 109.5 11,163

Rope of every style

Our range of high quality, custom made rope is expansive and includes the likes of compacted rope, catenary wire, stainless steel rope and of course fibre rope.

Using the latest technologies, techniques and years of experience, we produce rope to order and can meet any requirements that are set out to us by our customers.

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