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9mm 6x24 galvanised wire rope

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9mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope

9mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope

Although it will not often be chosen for specific lifting tasks, this 9mm 6x24 rope does come with a maximum load capacity of 4,531kg.

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9mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope

The great thing about galvanised wire rope is how many different configurations are available using this corrosion resistant material. For customers seeking superb flexibility, the 6x24 galvanised rope range makes the most sense because this slender 9mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope example proving to be particularly effective as a lashing solution.

Key figures about 9mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope

 In general it will find a use in marine and forestry scenarios, where its ability to bend and flex with ease thanks to its fibre cores will go hand in hand with the anti-rust properties it possesses thanks to the galvanisation of its steel wires.

Wire rope which is galvanised and offers higher levels of load lugging potential with a similar 9mm diameter can be found in our 1x19 configuration line up.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
9 25.76 40.1 4,092 44.5 4,531

Rope Adaptation options

At Rope Services Direct we manufacture wire rope and also convert it into usable, unique assemblies for customers. If you are looking for 9mm 6x24 galvanised wire rope and would like it to be supplied with fittings already attached, this can be handled at our modern production facility by engineers with years of experience under their belts.  Choose from soft eyes which use pressed ferrules, sockets or perhaps a turnbuckle for tensioning.

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