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24mm 6x24 galvanised wire rope

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24mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope

24mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope

Supple and stable for securing loads in several key settings, our 24mm 6x24  galvanized wire rope should suit a range of businesses and operators. It can be included as part of an assembly or produced in plain lengths to be used as you see fit.

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Core capabilities of 24mm 6x24 Galvanized Wire Rope

With a fibre core at its centre, this wire rope is a little unusual in terms of the flexibility it offers. Each bundle has 24 steel wires wrapped around a separate fibre core, which allows for even more malleability.

The SWL for this rope is set at 32,223kg at the upper end, while it is also rated to offer a breaking force of 316kN. This makes it somewhat sturdy, even if it can be crushed and snapped more easily than wire core galvanised ropes.

Being resistant to corrosion, this rope works well outdoors or in marine settings where moisture is unavoidable. For more rust-free ropes, consider our stainless steel products.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
24 183.17 285 29,099 316 32,223

Add custom fittings to your wire rope

You can get even more out of your Rope Services Direct order if you ask for fittings to be included with your 24mm diameter 6x24 construction rope. We have the engineering know how to set everything up to be safe and secure, which means you do not need to tinker with the rope yourself once you take delivery. Fuse and tapers can be carried or you could choose from thimble eyes, sockets, turnbuckles and swaged terminals.

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