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20mm 6x24 galvanised wire rope

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20mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope

20mm 6x24 Galvanised Wire Rope

With a thickness of 2 centimetres, this 20mm 6x24 galvanized wire rope manages to reduce its structural rigidity through the use of fibre cores. This lets it make short work of load lashing tasks in marine and forestry environments.

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Capabilities and capacities of 20mm 6x24 Galvanized Wire Rope

Wire rope should be chosen according to its properties, which in the case of this 20mm 6x24 configuration product include flexibility and corrosion resistance.

The WLL of this rope sits at almost 22.4 tonnes. The breaking force of 220kN on the highest quality example is solid without being exceptional for a rope of this diameter. Instead its malleable design allows it to thrive in certain specific contexts, such as when holding together bundles of timber.

Corrosion is a problem for many metals, including steel, but thanks to the galvanisation of this rope you will not be stuck with rust spots after periods of wet weather exposure.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
20 127.2 198 20,208 220 22,377

Further rope talking points

Rope Services Direct is a purveyor of various galvanised rope products, each of which can be used to make a bespoke assembly at the client’s request. However you intend to use the rope, we can advise you on the best fittings to choose and the right length to opt for. Rope fittings generally aid in attaching the rope to an anchor point. Fittings such as turnbuckles and rigging screws can be used for tensioning rope.  Rope tensioning may be needed on tasks such as balustrades and cable railings.

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