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10mm 6x12 galvanized wire rope

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10mm 6x12 Galvanized Wire Rope

10mm 6x12 Galvanized Wire Rope

Our 10mm 6x12 galvanized wire rope  is just one of many options within the range, is more than a match for a number of tasks. The structure of 6x12 Galvanized Wire Rope is based around several fibre cores, adding flexibility to its list of design perks.

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Where is this 10mm 6x12 Galvanized Wire Rope typically encountered?

The 6x12 alignment of wire strands around fibre cores means that this rope is much less susceptible to fatigue-related damage. The downside is that it can be crushed by heavy weights and snapped by modest forces, meaning it is important to avoid using it for lifting duties.

Where this rope really shines is as a lashing product, especially in the shipping sector. Galvanization prevents rust from forming on the surface and the flexible fibre beneath ensures it can easily anchor goods and equipment in place, with a working load limit of 4,176kg giving you an idea of what its 10mm diameter is capable of achieving.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
10 25.1 37 3,771 41 4,176

Are there other wire rope options?

No trip to the Rope Services Direct site would be complete without taking in our full galvanized rope range, before stopping off to see what stainless steel rope brings to the table. You may also like to consider what non-rotating rope  or compacted rope can do for you. Check out our fittings pages whilst you are here, there are many different options available from wire rope grips to shackles and swageless terminals.

How can I contact you?

It is possible to email RSD from our site, or use our other contact portals to get in touch. For a chat on the phone, dial 01384 78004 and one of our sales staff will deal with your questions in a jiffy.