8×19 Compacted Steel Mill Rope / Ladle Crane Rope

Take a look at our range of 8×19 compacted steel mill rope. This wire rope has not been galvanized and is ideal for use in steel mill and ladle crane applications. Perfect for withstanding the intense heat of a metal manufacturing plant, this type of rope can be made to order by Rope Services Direct.

Benefits of Ungalvanised Wire Rope

8x19 compacted steel mill ropeIn an environment where very high temperatures are steel mill ropecommonplace, standard wire rope will not be suitable. This is particularly true of plastic or fibre core ropes. These are liable to suffer serious failures or even combustion in such situations. Molten metal is a hazard in its own right, so strength and resilience are vital for any equipment, including cranes involved in handling it.

Choosing 8×19 construction compacted rope, which has not been galvanised due to the nature of its intended use. It will give you access to all of the important properties required for safe lifting in steel mills.

Its has excellent load-bearing potential goes hand in hand with its smooth, compacted surface.

The Alternatives

Our line up of ropes in this category  including the 8×25 rope is fairly diverse, so you can buy the right kind for the applications you want to complete. Check out our full wire rope range for lifting tasks of every other type.

How to order the 8×19 compacted steel mill rope with us

Dial 01384 78004 or message us via our site if you want to order wire rope for a steel mill crane, or if you have questions about any of our crane ropes and need an expert to guide you.