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Steel Mill Crane Ropes / Ladle Crane Rope

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Steel Mill Crane Ropes / Ladle Crane Rope

Industrial cranes operate in extremely harsh conditions. Therefore it is very important for steel mill crane ropes to be extremely durable and meet the highest standards. Rope Services Direct offer a wide range of industrial quality steel mill crane ropes including 8-strand high performance steel rope that delivers both reliability and longevity.

                 8x19 Compacted Steel Mill Rope / Ladle Crane Rope  8x25 Compacted Steel Mill Rope / Ladle Crane Rope

Cranes used in steel mills

The most common types of crane used in steel mills are charging cranes.  They are designed to operate in dusty, extremely hot environments. They include billet handling cranes which feed the rolling mill and maintenance cranes. Ladling cranes are also often used in order to transport hot metals.

Ladle Cranes

The ladle handling cranes transport ladles which are full of molten iron or steel. Often to an oxygen furnace or perhaps from an oxygen furnace to an electric arc furnace.

These cranes work directly next to the furnace and work amongst a high level of heat and dust. Temperatures in this area can often reach above 75 degrees. This can put tremendous stress on the hoist rope and consequently these cranes have many additional safety features over standard cranes such as a double drum and a four wire-rope system. Always follow the health and safety guidelines when working with molten metals.

Types of ladle crane

There are several different types of ladle crane. They can be designed with double girders and two rails, double girders and four rails, four girders and four rails or four girders and six rails. The type of crane you are using will have a direct effect on the type of rope you will need as double girder, two rail cranes are generally used for carrying lighter loads whereas cranes with a higher number of girders/rails will be able to carry a heavier the load. If you are in any doubt contact us for details.

Steel Mill Crane Ropes – guidelines

Wire rope guidelines recommend the use of no grease, steel rope when working in heated industrial conditions. Fibre core grease is prone to combustion in high temperatures and wire rope should not reach temperatures above 100 degrees as this can cause potential wire rope failure.

Corrosion from insufficient lubrication as well as exposure to heat and moisture is a big risk when using wire rope in manufacturing industries such as steel mills.  A fibre core rope is prone to drying out and breaking at temperatures above 120°C. Hot temperatures require a rope with a wire core.  The 6 x 36 size rope is particularly ideal for use in steel mills and industrial settings.

Rope Services Direct your one stop shop for steel mill wire rope

The Rope Services Direct range of steel mill/industrial crane ropes have been selected for their exceptional quality and durability. Rope Services Direct supply robust wire rope with high breaking force, long service life and high crushing resistance. For additional information on choosing the most suitable rope for your requirements, why not give us a call on 01384 78004 or complete our online email contact form?

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