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Piling Crane Rope

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Piling Crane Rope

Rope Services Direct specialise in a wide range of wire ropes. This includes pipe handling rope and main hoist rope ideal for piling cranes. Due to the nature of heavy duty industrial cranes, piling crane rope should have an extremely high minimum breaking load. .This is why Rope Services Direct take great care in selecting only the highest performance, high strength and high resistance rope for your requirements.

                                                                                 24x7 Nr Compacted Piling Crane Hoist Rope  35x7 Nr Compacted Piling Crane Hoist Rope  6x36 Compacted Piling Crane Aux & Main Winch Rope

                                                                                                           8x19 Compacted Piling Crane Aux & Winch Rope  8x25 Compacted Piling Crane Aux & Main Winch Rope

Brief guide to piling Cranes

Piling cranes and rigs are primarily used to drive heavy piles into the ground, which in turn adds extra support and stability to building foundations. The piles themselves may consist of a variety of different materials. However steel, wood or concrete are the most commonly used.

Piling functions can be enhances with the addition of other equipment. Drilling tools and vibratory hammers are a good example.  Good examples are expressways, bridges and industrial and civil buildings. The building of vertical drains (to make soil suitable for construction projects) is a frequent application of piling cranes.

Different soil types

No two ground areas are the same so piling cranes need to be able to work with different soil types. Sandy, gravel-based and soft clay type soils may be present. Also, different scenarios may be encountered with soils such as soil compaction, this is where air compacts the soil.

Piling crane rope requirements

All piling rigs should have flexible leader kinematics enabling a high radius of movement in all directions. Choosing the right steel wire rope therefore plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency of these machines. Main hoist ropes need to have high functionality and enhanced properties. Key features should be high rotation resistance and extreme resistance to wear and tear. They also need to be resistant to various external influences such as temperature (cold and heat). Animal activity (e.g. rodents), dust and potentially corrosive substances in the environment are other factors.

Due to the extreme conditions in which piling ropes operate, they also require a very high breaking strength and good fatigue properties in order to cope with the stresses involved in foundation and below ground level engineering projects. It’s highly advisable to buy top-quality crane rope from the outset, for quality and affordability reasons (as it’s not cheaper to have to buy twice!)

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Rope Services Direct stock an excellent selection of high tensile strength wire rope suitable for piling cranes as well as long dee shackles. Our high performance, compact rotation resistant wire rope is designed to deal with extremely high minimum breaking loads which is crucial used on piling equipment. If you would like additional information on the different rope types suitable for piling crane rope, please contact us on 01384 78004 or get in touch via our website by visiting our contact us page, which features our contact form.

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