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Overhead Crane Rope

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Overhead Crane Rope

Different applications use types of wire rope throughout both the construction and manufacturing industry. Here at Rope Services Direct, we stock a huge selection of premium quality wire rope for any requirement. A major use of wire rope is in overhead crane rope, which we detail on this page.


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About overhead cranes

An overhead crane (or sometimes called a bridge crane) is a type of crane mostly commonly used in the manufacturing industry and for the refinement of metals including steel and copper. Many industries use overhead cranes for lifting all manner of goods and equipment. These including paper mills and automotive manufacturing as well as engineering factories.

Bridge cranes often have to be able to withstand particularly hot temperatures. Transporting molten materials is a good example. Paper Mills also use bridge cranes for the removal of heavy press rolls.  And also includes installation of heavy equipment such as paper drying drums.

Overhead cranes cover a rectangular area. Movements include side to side and back and forth.. A hoist connected to one or more horizontal girders enables horizontal movement. Each end of the girder is supported by a steel column.

Rope Services Direct guidelines for overhead crane rope

Rope Services Direct recommends using a low rotation, high breaking force wire rope for overhead cranes. Anti-friction wire ropes are also a good option as many overhead cranes require the use travelling ropes hoists. We therefore recommend using a rope that has excellent spooling ability and is able to run over sheaves and pulleys with ease.

The type of overhead crane you’re using, either a single or double girder crane, will dictate the type of rope you need. Transporting heavier loads means the need for a higher strength rope. As with all lifting equipment overhead cranes should adhere to the LOLER guidelines.

Qualities to expect from overhead crane rope

Because they often operating in industrial environments where heat and chemical exposure could be a problem, overhead crane rope should be robust, extremely durable and resistant to degradation. All crane rope should be checked regularly for common problems such as broken or worn outside wires, corroded wires and severe kinking or crushing. Other common problems with overhead crane wire include reduction of rope diameter. However can also include the wire rope jumping out of the reeving system.

Purchase overhead crane rope From Rope Services Direct

Here at Rope Services Direct we supply and manufacture a wide range of premium quality overhead crane rope. Our wire rope has been engineered to provide a high breaking force; reduced rope sheave wear, long service life and comply with all prevailing quality standards. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our range of wire rope, please contact us today through our contact us page (and complete our contact form) or by phone on 01384 78004.


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