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Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope

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Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope

Rope Services Direct are specialist wire rope vendors, offering a wide range of industrial leads and cables for different cranes of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your requirements, we have the right wire rope to suit your needs. We sell a particular type of rope especially suited for mobile lattice boom crane rope.


8x19 Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope – Non Rotating Compacted  8x25 Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope – Compacted & Non Rotating

About mobile lattice boom cranes

Lattice boom cranes tend to have increased mobility and flexibility. A precise approach is achievable due to the turntable on these cranes.  This gives improved control and safety when handling loads.  Mobile cranes for arboriculture tasks is a popular use of these cranes..The lattice boom itself is the long arm on a crane that is responsible for raising and lowering the goods through a series of wire ropes.  This is sometimes to quite high levels of elevation. This is to offer extra guidance with load capacities typically ranging up to 750 tonnes.

Construction of a mobile lattice crane

The lattice-boom is a fabricated, high-strength steel structure consisting of four main chords and tubular lacings which are mounted on a base on top of either a crawler or truck. Designed to weigh less lattice boom cranes provide higher lifting capacities than a telescopic boom of similar length. This enables them to move extremely heavy loads both safely and economically. The lattice-boom sections along with the crane base itself are erected on site.

Specific requirements of mobile lattice boom crane rope

Mobile  lattice boom crane rope has very unique and specific requirements. Rotation resistant ropes are not suitable for boom rope and a series of guidelines and regulations are set out in ASME B30.5. For example, all boom hoist ropes must have a minimum bending capability that’s compatible with its design factor.

It is essential for all boom hoist ropes to have sufficient crushing resistance. Therefore compacted strand or compacted ropes are often a good option for most cranes. Not all compacted ropes may be suitable however, as although they have increased crushing resistance, they do not have the same level of fatigue resistance as compacted ropes. Don’t skimp or compromise on the mobile lattice boom crane ropes you buy. The largest cost most businesses face is downtime, buy the specific rope you need from us and avoid costly periods of downtime. Always follow the lifting operation guidelines for cranes.

Contact us today for further information on mobile lattice boom crane cables

Rope Services Direct offer a range of mobile lattice boom ropes selected for their exceptional high-quality and durability capabilities. Rope Services Direct supply robust mobile lattice boom ropes with high breaking force, low rotation, reduced sheave wear, long service life, high crushing resistance and much more!

For further information or advice on how to select the most suitable rope for your requirements get in touch. Call on 01384 78004 today? Also, visit our contact page, where you can complete our contact form, we will reply to you ASAP upon receipt of your details.

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