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Container Crane Rope

Rope Services Direct is a one stop shop for all your wire rope requirements. Our container crane rope provides all the essential features you would expect for top-class performance. This includes exceptional breaking strength, long service life as well as inbuilt resistance to abrasion and crushing.

Container crane ropes have to be particularly strong in order to safely load heavy containers on and off ships which is why Rope Services Direct manufacture and supply only the highest quality wire rope available on the market.


 8x19 Container Crane Rope  Container Crane Boom Rope 6x36 Compacted Construction   Plastic Impregnated 8x19 Container Crane Rope Container Crane Boom Ropes 8x25 Compacted

6x36 Compacted Container Crane Trolley Rope  8x19 Compacted Container Crane Trolley Rope  8x25 Compacted Container Crane Trolley Rope

Container cranes and their use of rope

The main purpose of container cranes used in docks, is the safe loading and un-loading of container ships in as quick a time as is possible.

These range from rubber-tired gantry cranes to super strength lift trucks designed to handle exceptionally heavy containers and weights of 70 tonnes plus.

Container cranes generally require the use of three different types of rope, these are:

  • The Trolley rope which enables heavy loads to be put in place with precision
  • The main hoist rope which acts as the main support for the load and the
  • Boom hoist rope that ensures that cargo can be raised or lowered as required

Types of container cranes

There are several different types of container crane which each are classified by their lifting capacity and the size of the container ships they are able to handle. These are:

  • Panamax – with reach up to 38 metres and typically handling up to 13 containers
  • Post Panamax – with reach up to 45 metres and typically handling up to 16 containers
  • Super Post Panamax – with reach up to 53 metres and typically handling up to 19 containers
  • Megamax – with reach 53+ metres and typically handling 20+ containers (these tend to be specially designed per project)

Container crane Steel Cable requirements

Container crane ropes need to be resistant to bending and abrasion as well as also being resistant to fatigue. In the hard-working environment of a container crane, loads will be constant, and the rope needs to have enduring qualities. You need to buy rope, which is built to last.

Whether you are purchasing trolley rope or hoist rope, it is important that you always first seek technical guidance. This is to ensure what type of rope is required before you make a purchase.

When selecting wire rope for container cranes, it is important to make sure that the diameter is consistent over the whole rope. This is because any inconsistency can cause breakages in the rope and potentially shorten the ropes life. We are only a phone call away, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

High quality, durable container crane ropes

Rope Services Direct stock a wide array of container crane rope, designed to the highest possible standards. Along with all the inbuilt qualities you would expect such as enhanced crushing resistance. For more information on rope requirements for container cranes, please give us a call on 01384 78004 to speak to one of Rope Service Directs’ expert advisors. You can also contact us through our website via our contact us page, which also contains our contact form, which once completed sends an email direct to us.

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