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Wire Rope Cutting Machines

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There are many types of devices available which are designed for cutting wire rope. Included are hand held cutters which are great for site work on smaller diameter ropes. There are manual wire rope cutting machines which are much larger and designer to be based in a workshop / factory due to their size. These are ideal for regularly cutting wire ropes with larger diameters. Then there are the largest automatic cutting machines which are perfect for regular and/or continuous cutting of small and medium ropes.

Manual Wire Rope Cutting Machines

On this page we will be concentrating on the manual wire rope cutting machines which use shears as the means of cutting. They are designed to cut pre-formed wire rope of diameters up to 40mm.

The cutting shears are operated by a hydraulic system to perform a very clean square cut to the end of the rope.  These cutting machines are normally used on its stand; however there is an option of having the cutter placed on a trolley / wagon. This enables the cutting of wire rope closer to ground level. The machine can be mounted to the trolley vertically or horizontally for even more versatility.

The Range

Our range of wire rope cutting machines incorporates two models, the LK26 and the LK40 with the maximum cutting of ropes up to 26mm & 40mm respectively. They are both operated by a foot control pedal to keep both hands free which is a great benefit.  The foot pedals are enclosed by a protective shield over the top; this not only provides protection for your feet but also helps to keep the pedals clean and free from debris. They are also equipped with an automatic shut off switch which enables the motor to stop when cutting is complete. The next cut will take place as soon as you operate the foot pedal again.

The LK26 and LK40 wire rope cutting machines have some excellent safety features. There are flaps made from rubber which hang down on both sides of the operational area. This protects the user from wire fragments which occur during the cutting process. It also protects them from the cutting shears, as hands should not enter this area whilst operational. There is a good sized viewing window so it is easy to keep an eye on proceedings.

                                            wire rope cutting machines

Handling wire rope can be a hazardous task and due care should always be taken. Please refer to some basic guidelines on the safe handling of wire rope on our wire rope page here.

Need more information on wire rope cutting machines or other rope tools? Have a chat with a member of our sales team on 02384 78004 of send us an email with your questions from the contact us page here.


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