Annealing Machines

There are many different kinds of annealing machines available from small hand held devices, larger manual annealing machines and automatic annealing machines. Rope Services Direct can supply the former two types at competitive prices.

What is Annealing?

In short, annealing is a process using extremely high heat to alter the malleability of metal. The red hot heat will re-crystallise the grains in the metal which softens the metal allowing it to be worked more easily. You can find out more about annealing and the definition here

annealed wire ropeWire rope annealing is often referred to as fuse and tapering due to the fact that during the annealing process the strands within the rope get so hot that they fuse together, the rope is twisted and pulled at the same time which then breaks the rope into two. This tapers the end of the rope slightly whilst completely sealing the ends of the strands. The rope is then cooled slowly to prevent any brittleness occurring. When a wire rope is fuse and tapered in this way the rope will not be able to untwist.



Annealing Machines Available

Annealing wire rope can be carried out in different ways though it can be rather dangerous as you are working with extreme heat. Rope Services Direct can supply specialist annealing machines to enable this process to be carried out in a much easier and safer way. These machines use an electrical current to supply the heat to anneal the rope, when they have reached the correct temperature the ropes are twisted and pulled using the wheels and handles to slightly round and fuse the wires. The tapered end can be altered by adjusting the distance between the clamping chucks.

The annealing machines that we are able to supply are specifically designed to optimize the annealing process, giving the best results time after time. Inserting and clamping the rope is quick and easy and can be inserted from above and clamped by a couple of eccentric levers. The AV annealing machines are safe to use due to the heat operation via a foot pedal which can be positioned to suit.

For wire rope up to 2mm in diameter we offer the LGK 02 annealing machine which is great for smaller tasks and site work. The vibration resistant unit uses high frequency control with over-voltage protection.

The AV range of annealing machines has three models, the AV 30, AV 45 & AV 65. The number references the maximum diameter of wire rope the machine can handle, i.e. 30mm, 45mm & 65mm. These machines are straight forward to use with rope holding jaws which do not need any alteration for different rope diameters. The AV annealing machine range makes short of the annealing time, they are intended to allow manual adjustment of the rope elongation when the wires are twisted off, this will enable the rope to be formed to the required shape/length.

All models come with a safety glass which offers excellent protection to the user from sparking and heat. Exhausting the smoke for better ventilation can be done by connecting the supplied ventilation tube to a suitable venting system.

Please take a look below at each model to see the specific details for that model; let us know if you need more details.