Wire Rope Lubricants Specification

Recommended Wire Rope Lubricants Specification

Rope Services Direct Recommend using the Tygris Chain & wire rope lubricant for all our wire ropes to ensure longevity. The lubricant comes under the bracket of Industrial Maintenance Aerosols – wire rope lubricants specification follows for your convenience.wire rope lubricant

Chain & Wire Rope Lubricant R220 Key Properties

Lubricates and extends the life of chains and wire ropes.

A heavy duty, molybdenum disulphide reinforced lubricant which penetrates deeply into drive chains and wire ropes to give long lasting lubrication, preventing corrosion, wear and chain elongation. It gives outstanding performance under extreme load and is resistant to fling off.

Main Benefits:  wire rope lubricant

Use on chain blocks, drive chains, fork lift chains and wire ropes

Extreme pressure additives for heavy loads

Excellent lubrication properties

Resistant to flinging off

Penetrates deeply

Only a thin film is left on the surface for corrosion prevention

High resistance to wash off

Technical Data:

Appearance: Brown foaming spray

Odour:  Oily solvent

Contents: Blend of mineral oils, molybdenum disulphide, bitumen, xylene, white spirit, extreme pressure and dewatering  additives,  solvent  and  hydrocarbon propellants. No silicones

Storage: Below 50˚C

Flash Point: <0˚C

Temperature range: -10˚ to 180˚C

Relative Density:  0.845

Solubility: Insoluble in water

Pack Sizes: 12 x 400ml cans

Directions for Use: Shake can well before use. Spray onto surface to be treated from 15-30cm, allow to penetrate and wipe off excess with a cloth. After use, invert the can and spray to clear nozzle.

For the complete specification on this product including hazard identification, composition, first aid, exposure control, regulatory information and more; you can view a PDF below.

wire rope lubricant specification sheet pdf