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Turn Buckle Hook & Hook

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If you’re searching for a specific size or design of turn buckle, then take a look today at our supply of turn buckles right here at RSD. This page looks at the turn buckle hook & hook wire rope termination.

Turn buckle hook & hook – functional and non-corrosion

Our incredible spectrum of hook to hook wire rope tensioners are perfect for garden projects and landscaping and in yacht rigging and art installations too. Made from top quality stainless steel, they are simply designed to fix your wire ropes to where they need to be and keep them secured at the right tension.

Quick and simple to adjust by hand or with a tool, it’s worth starting with your turnbuckle only partially engaged so that you can choose the tension you want once fitted. Simply turn the main body manually when releasing the threaded eye and ends. With your turn buckle attached, all you then need to do is make the turnbuckle tighter by twisting it to find the tension. You may need a screw driver or the claw of a hammer to help you tighten the central strainer too.

Remember though, wire ropes must not become twisted as if they are they could be considerably weakened.


                                                                 turnbuckle with hook each end for wire rope use



Go ahead and order your turn buckle

From our large warehouse near Birmingham, at Rope Services Direct we store turn buckle hook & hook studs in a huge range of shapes and styles. To make an order with us, all you need to do is complete our contact form here. If you would like a bespoke design or wish to ask us a question about any fitting, please call our professionally trained staff on 01384 78004.


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