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To compliment our range of lifting gear we can supply a range of quality beam attachments to enable you to easily affix your lifting device to any type of beam or girder. Our standard beam clamps are simple to fit and enable lifting in a fixed position. Choose a push travel or geared trolley system and you will be able to attach your chosen lifting / hoist device and move it along the length of the beam.

Our beam attachment products come in a range of working load limits to suit the majority of lifting tasks. Scroll to the lower section of this page to view our standard range. If you require something specific but can’t find it here, or need any other types of lifting equipment then please contact us, we can usually help.

About Beam Attachments

Beam attachments normally come in two forms; a clamp or trolley.

A beam clamp is a piece of equipment which is attached to the flange of a steel beam. This is without any need to alter the beam. Beam clamps offer a safe and fast semi-permanent lifting point from which to suspend additional lifting devices. Such as an electric hoist or chain block. They are typically adjustable to fit the beam width. However there are different models available to suit various steel beam sizes. They are lightweight and easy to install with a secure grip. Beam clamps are ideal for use along with manual chain blocks, lever hoists and cable pulling machines etc.

Our beam clamps are available in a range of capacities and designs, they can be adjustable or of a fixed size, can have scissor action, screw locking or bolt clamp fixings.

Beam Clamps

There are beam clamps available which suit various sizes of beams. Some come supplied with a shackle attached, providing an even more versatile rigging point. This allows for the easy attachment of hoisting equipment such as electric hoists, and chain blocks. Most beam clamps have a locking device for additional safety. Clamps are available in varying capacities, and the safe working load should never be exceeded.

Beam Trolleys

Beam trolley’s also fit to the flange of a beam, providing a fixing point for other hoisting equipment.  However a trolley is able to move across the length of the beam either loaded or unloaded, unlike a clamp which stays in a fixed location until removed.

There are three types of beam trolley; push travel, geared and electric. Push travel trolley’s need to be pushed and pulled along the beam manually  by hand; a geared beam trolley moves across the beam more easily by simply pulling on a chain, which rolls over the gears, turning the wheels and propelling the trolley along; the third type is the electric trolley, clearly the easiest type to use but the most expensive to buy; Travel across the beam happens at the touch of a button.

Rope Services Direct can supply range of beam clamps and push or geared trolley systems at highly competitive prices. Call us on 01384 78004 today.

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