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Soft loop Fibre Rope Sling

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Rope Services Direct provides a complete range of individually spliced soft loop  fibre rope sling across a broad mix of diameters just as you require.  Trained and skilled craftsmen will hand splice the soft eyes into the fibre rope. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area.

Soft loop fibre rope sling – versatile rope sling

Rope Services Direct manufactures top quality soft loop end fibre rope lifting slings made by hand. Instead of the sling being one loop as in an endless fibre rope sling, it instead has a smaller soft loop at either end. Selection can be made between natural or synthetic rope in polypropylene, polyester, nylon, sisal or manila. Polyester soft loop fibre rope slings are probably the most popular.

Our soft loop fibre rope slings are ideal when used for towing and in handling heavy cargo on docks. Airports, transporter ships and ferries, engineering, factories and forestry all use them too. They can also be used in the leisure industry, for example in water sports, horse riding, hiking and climbing.

Alongside our fibre rope slings we additionally offer multi leg slingswire rope slings, and coated slings, so why not see what else is available here on our website.

                                                                          soft loop fibre rope sling

Ordering your fibre ropes is quick and simple

To inform us of your order, just send back our simple form and we will be happy to locate it in our extensive West Midlands warehouse for you. If you wish to speak to us about your order we can be contacted direct on 01384 78004. Ask away!

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