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Endless Fibre Rope Sling

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Rope Services Direct provide a variety of hand spliced fibre rope slings in a large range of diameters to suit all sorts of jobs and projects. Our hand splicing is carried out by fully trained and qualified craftsmen with years of experience to produce our endless fibre rope slings.

Endless fibre rope slings – functional and tough

RSD designs and sells top quality endless fibre rope slings handmade in our UK warehouse. The high-tensile fibre rope has its two ends hand spliced together to make the sling into one continuous loop. You can choose from either synthetic or natural rope in nylon, polyester, sisal, polypropylene or manila.

This type of sling is ideal for use in cargo handling at airports and on docks, on transporter boats and ferries, in heavy industry, forestry and factories as well. Leisure purposes include various sporting activities, horse riding and motor cross.

In addition to fibre rope slings we also manufacture wire rope slingsmulti leg slings, and coated slings as well. With this in mind, it’s a good opportunity to see what other slings are ready to order today too.

                                                                        endless fibre rope sling

Get your fibre rope lifting sling order in today

Rope Services Direct is able to supply a superior range of fibre rope lifting slings from our UK-based warehouse. When you’re ready to order, all we ask is you return an order form to tell us what you want to buy. For further support or to ask us a question, you can contact us on 01384 78004.

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