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About Wire Rope Pulling Machines

If you need to lift, pull, tension and/or secure loads then a wire rope puller could be what you need. These wire rope pullers are easily transportable and ideal for keeping in work vehicles.  They are commonly used in many industries including agriculture, mining, oil, shipping, vehicle recovery & construction. They come in four lifting capacities of 800kg, 1600kg, 3200kg and 5400kg. The pulling capacities are slightly different at 1250kg, 2500kg, 5000kg and 8400kg respectively. So there should be a model to suit your pulling and tensioning requirements.cable pullers

Wire cable pulling machines are a versatile piece of equipment as the lifting capacity can be increased. This is done by using sheave blocks, which are also ideal if you need to change the directionality of the pull. You must follow safe sheaving techniques to ensure this type of operation is carried out correctly.

Usable is any orientation, these cable pullers are a versatile piece of equipment. Meaning that the pull can be vertical, horizontal or diagonally. What’s more there is no limit to the length of wire rope you can use with these machines.

There is an overload mechanism in the form of shear pins to ensure the safety of these wire rope pullers. It is possible to replace shear pins if necessary.

How a Cable Pullers Works

wire rope cable puller
Wire rope pullers are simple devices that are easy to operate. Jaw release mechanisms enable easy threading and pulling out of the rope. Anchor the puller securely and attach the load. Operate by simply cranking the handle. Position the handle on the forward or reverse lever, depending on the direction you want to pull in.

It is the heavy duty parallel jaws located within these wire rope pulling machines which pull the rope through. Done with accuracy and minimal adjustments are easily made by a tiny pull on the handle. The jaws progressively grip, so they will grip more firmly the heavier the load.

Lever hoists work in a similar way but use chain rather than wire cable, and are more commonly used for vertical lifting.

Rope Services Direct can supply the 4 models which come with 20 metres of wire rope as standard and includes an extendable handle for even easier operation; rapid quotes are available with a quick call to our sales team on 01384 78004, or by emailing us through the contact us page, or rapid enquiry form.

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