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 Rope Services Direct supplies a range of lever hoists which provide a cost-effective convenient lifting method which also uses wire rope. Our hoists are renowned for their mobility and versatility and unlike electric hoists the process is manual and therefore there are no electricity costs.

A ratchet lever hoist can be used to lift, pull, lower and tension very precisely unlike a chain block. Ratchet lever hoists have the key advantage that they can be used in most positions. This makes them a very versatile piece of lifting equipment.

A lever hoist has many uses.  They are commonly used for diverse applications. Examples include positioning heavy machinery, tensioning power cables, pipe setting applications, manholes tasks, and holding loads in place whilst repairs are completed; they can even be used to even pull up tree stumps, though a wire rope puller would be better suited to this task. Many industries use ratchet lever hoists including agriculture & forestry businesses.

lever hoistSo how does a Lever Hoist work?

A ratchet lever hoist works by a ratchet and pawl system.  Meaning that as the lever/handle is cranked up and down the chain moves round a gear. This will be either inwards or outwards to move the load up or down, in or out. Some models will encompass extra gears to increase the pulling power and speed of the hoist. There is a free chaining mechanism which allows the chain to be pulled out to the desired length to attach to your load.

Here is a quick tutorial to use a lever hoist

  • 1) Attach the lever hoist via its hook to an anchor point
  • 2) Attach the chain to the load securely. Balancing the load is paramount.
  • 3) Push the ratchet lever to the raise or up position
  • 4) Push then pull the lever handle completely forwards and backwards continuously until the load reaches the desired height.
  • 5) To lower the load push the ratchet lever to the lower or down position then push and pull the handle as before until the load touches the ground
  • 6) Remove the chain from the load. Job complete.

Ratchet lever hoists are ideal for exact positioning in small spaces and for tie down operations.

Normally available in capacities ranging from 250kg up to 10,000 kg with standard link chain, some models are available with roller chains.

Using Ratchet Lever Hoists Safely

Here are some guidelines for the safe usage of a ratchet lever hoist in accordance with the health and safety at work act 1974.


  • Handle and store with care
  • Inspect prior to each use for defects
  • Check the brake operation
  • ensure the lower hook will attain its lowest point required without running out of chain by bringing it to its stop point (i.e. ensure the chains length is adequate)
  • implement safe slinging codes of practice
  • Check the load is free to move before commencing, that the travel path and landing area are clear.
  • Do a trial lift first (lift just clear of the ground to check stability)


  • Drop
  • Extend handle/lever
  • Oil/grease the brake
  • Expose to chemicals
  • Replace load chain for longer one without discussing with the supplier / manufacturer
  • Use force to push and pull the handle/lever
  • Allow the load to swing
  • Use a defective lever hoist
  • Use if markings are illegible

The safety of your hoist is paramount, if in doubt get it inspected to be sure. You can find out more about the lifting operations and regulations here.

The quality lever hoists that we offer are perfect for lashing and tensioning applications as well as lifting, all in any position. Lever hoists are simple to use; once the load is attached to the chain (perhaps through lifting slings or lifting straps), simply cranking the lever up and down the chain will move effortlessly over the gears raising/pulling the load with it. With models available with safe working loads ranging from 750kg up to 9000kg. These reliable ratchet lever hoists incorporate a top hook with safety catch, a shorter lever and together with the special gear ratio, applications can be completed with minimal effort. The load chain is a grade 80 hardened alloy steel with an electro-galvanised finish

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We sell a range of lever hoists from leading brands such as George Taylor and Yale.  If you need any help/advice in deciding then feel free to call us on 01384 78004, or contact us via Email here; our experts will be on call to offer their expertise.

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