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1.5-1.8m Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

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1.5-1.8m Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard – FA30 300 15/20

Invest in the excellent FA30 300 15 and FA30 300 18 1.5-1.8m shock absorbing webbing lanyard and improve the safety of your fall arrest setup when working at height. Designed to be durable, these lanyards come in 1.5 metre and 1.8 metre lengths respectively.

1.5-1.8m shock absorbing webbing lanyard Features

These two lanyard variants are effectively identical, apart from the difference in length. The shorter of the two is ideal for use in situations where you do not need any leeway in terms of movement. The longer gives you a little more freedom when working in precarious positions.

Made with rugged polyester, these webbing lanyards come with a built-in shock absorber.  These measure 35mm across and has the ability to minimise the force exerted on the user if a fall occurs. This will be brought down below 6kN, rather than exposing the body to the brunt of the impact.

The loops at either end of the lanyard have their own tubular webbing to protect them. So the abrasions caused by friction that might otherwise occur can be mitigated.

                                                                                1.5-1.8m shock absorbing webbing lanyard

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