1.8m Shock Absorbing Web Lanyard

This 1.8m shock absorbing web lanyard features a scaffold hook at one end and an alloy karabiner at the other. This enables secure attachment to most anchor points.   Measuring 1.8 metres in length and with innate safety benefits, this is an important element of height safety equipment.

1.8m shock absorbing web lanyardBenefits of the 1.8m Shock Absorbing Web Lanyard – FA30 304 18 Lanyard

This lanyard can keep users productive and satisfied without sacrificing safety in various precarious positions. It has a 35mm shock absorber combined with a 30mm wide polyester design. Therefore it should withstand harsh environments and stop falls quickly and without causing injury.

This lanyard has a karabiner and a scaffold hook at either end.   As such this shock absorbing webbing lanyard can take plenty of punishment before it gives up the ghost.

Wide Lanyard Selection

Along with our 1.8 metre lanyards, you can also find 2.0 metre versions  with similar capabilities, albeit with the karabiner swapped out for a second snap hook. If you are looking for a fully featured height safety bundle, try our 2 point premium kit and pair it with a 3.5 metre retractable fall arrest block

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