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25 30m retractable fall arrest block

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25-30m Retractable Fall Arrest Block – FA20 400 25/30

25-30m Retractable Fall Arrest Block – FA20 400 25/30

Two versions of this 25-30m retractable fall arrest block are available. The first of which offers 25m of wire rope length while the second provides 30m in total. Both versions support users weighing up to 100kg and are built to the highest standards for durability and performance.

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25-30m Retractable fall arrest block – FA20 400 25 / 30 Capabilities

Aside from the aforementioned differences in rope length, these two fall arrest block models share almost identical designs. This means each comes with a tough polymer casing and a reliable braking system. There is a convenient carry handle and a tried and tested design that is suitable for vertical and horizontal use.

If the user does fall, their decent will be brought to a stop safely and without injuries being caused, so long as they are properly harnessed and kitted out with other protective height safety gear. This arrest block will exert under 6kN of force upon the user in such a scenario. This is far more acceptable than an unabsorbed impact.

Finding Safety Products to Use

These are the longest retractable fall arresters we stock, so take a look at alternatives like our 3.5 metre, 10 and 15 metre  models if you do not need so much manoeuvrability.

Choose Protective Gear with our Help

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