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10m retractable fall arrest block

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10m Retractable Fall Arrest Block

10m Retractable Fall Arrest Block

For a combination of height safety and manoeuvrability, the FA20 400 10 – 10m retractable fall arrest block is an appropriate choice. It has a 10 metre length and a 140kg load limit. The design makes it both hard-wearing and simple to use.

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Features of the 10m retractable fall arrest block – FA20 400 10

With 10 metres of galvanised wire rope wound up neatly in its tough polymer casing, the FA20 400 10 is a surprisingly compact bit of kit that has its portability enhanced further thanks to an integrated handle. The rope itself measures 4.5mm in diameter and has been approved for use in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

If the user does take a tumble, the braking system and external shock absorber kicks in. It will slash the force of the fall to below 6kN. The swivel snap hook allows for excellent freedom of movement, in combination with the lengthy wire rope.

Our other Products for Height Safety

If you do not need 10 metres of leeway with your fall arrest block, you might prefer the 3.5 metre or 7 metre models we stock at Rope Services Direct. Our range goes right up to 30 metres in length, so we can cater to all use cases.

Choose a Fall Arrest Block with our Help

Whether the FA20 400 10 catches your eye, or you are interested in the plethora of other height safety kit on our site, the quickest way to get help and pricing info is to contact Rope Services Direct. Our team can be reached on 01384 78004 or through our website.