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Here at Rope Services Direct we have a number of fibre rope products, both synthetically man-made and natural fibre. Our rope products have become incredibly popular, especially our yacht rope for the marine sector. They serve as a versatile and strong alternative to our range of wire rope and lifting slings.

They have uses in a number of industries, such as with the marine sector where they enjoy a wide range of seafaring and rigging applications. But it’s not just out at sea where you’ll find this handy piece of equipment being used, but also in other key sectors as well such as for construction purposes.

While some of our ropes are more general purpose and adaptable, some have been designed with specific industries or functions in minds. Our yacht rope is one such example, designed for use with yachts or similar vessels.

More information on yacht rope

Yacht ropes are primarily used for rigging purposes with yachts.  A popular use for example is to create a lazy jack. This is a type of rigging that is applied to the fore-and-aft rigged sail of a yacht. This type of rigging helps the yacht to sail, and allows for those operating the vessel to handle it better during reefing and furling.

This type of rigging, or other types of rigging, are often comprised of a complicated network of ropes. They have been securely fastened to the mast and various points on the boom. It is imperative that this network stays secure at all times during operation.Especially important given the pressure that it will be under. Yacht rope is one of the most popular choices for this, given its strong and long-lasting nature. Checking your rigging regularly is imperative.

Our yacht ropes are constructed from polyester, a sturdy man-made synthetic material. Nylon and polypropylene ropes are also available. Some of the key benefits of using polyester are that it has a great level of UV resistance. It also has a good level of resistance against moisture. These two are obviously particularly important, given the fact that the yacht rope will often be subject to moisture and sunlight.

Other benefits of the material polyester are that:

  • Easy to splice, which is a method used to connect or join ropes by interweaving the strands together at the ends of the rope
  • It’s an extremely strong material, able to withstand the pressures and constant uses found on yachts
  • Highly resistant to abrasion, able to resist the general wear and tear that it may have to face daily
  • It’s a lightweight and easy to both use and transport material

How to order your fibre rope products today

Interested to find out more about yacht rope? Ready to place your very own order for this product? We can supply this product in a range of sizes and with a range of breaking loads.  We can supply all other types of fibre rope too.Please either give us a call on 01384 78004 or find our full list of contact details here.

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