Nylon Cord

Strong yet stretchy, nylon cord can be the ideal option for various fastening tasks. It has the resilience of other synthetic fibres, combined with the elasticity offered by natural fibre ropes like cotton. Our nylon cordage is just one of the types of twine and cords we stock.

Main Advantages of Nylon Cord

The rigidity of polyester cord means that it does not stretch when put under strain. In some cases this is desirable, but in others it is a problem. That is where nylon cord comes into its own, since its elasticity is an advantage. If you want to absorb shocks and apply consistent pressure, nylon cords will get the job done.

Durability of Nylon Cords

No rope product is completely indestructible, but this one comes pretty close thanks to its long list of resistances. It will not rot in moist environments, decay in UV rays, deteriorate when exposed to chemicals and solvents or fall apart due to abrasions. It does absorb water and become more fragile when wet, which might be an issue in certain scenarios. Thankfully we sell a range of other synthetic twine and cord on our site, including polypropylene cord which can stand in for nylon in this case.

nylon cord

Interested in Getting more Nylon Cordage Information?

All you need to do to find out about fibre rope & nylon cord and learn whether it is fit for your purposes is to contact the experts at Rope Services Direct. We can be reached on 01384 78004. You can find full contact details, including email and postal addresses, on our site.