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Polypropylene Rope

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Polypropylene rope outdoes a number of its natural fibre equivalents across a range of capabilities. It is more durable, corrosion-resistant, flexible, strong and cost-effective than other types of twine and cords. We stock polypropylene rope in different lengths to fit any order size.

Perks of Polypropylene Rope

Picking polyprop as the material of choice for your next rope purchase makes sense if you want all of the benefits that come from relying on a synthetic product rather than a natural one. This type of rope will survive a range of environments effectively, whether it is exposed to high temperatures, splashed with corrosive chemicals or soaked in salt water.

Another advantage of polyprop is that it will stretch when under load, allowing it to bear the weight of heavy items more evenly without succumbing to the stresses. It offers a mixture of rigidity and flexibility that is not found elsewhere. For manual handling tasks, it is a good choice.

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Other Twine & Cord Options

Where natural alternatives like sisal  and cotton have the upper hand is that they look more appealing than polypropylene rope. They are also biodegradable, while this man made alternative is likely to stick around for much longer without decomposing.

Call or Email for Help with Polypropylene Rope

You can ask the Rope Services Direct team for assistance with any issue you might have when buying polyprop rope. Call our hotline on 01384 78004 or get in touch through our site for a fast, unobtrusive reply by email.

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