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Looking for secure, modern and safe wheel straps? Given the heavy nature of the vehicles that they will be securing, it is crucial that you use only the highest quality material. Trust Rope Services Direct to supply top-quality wheel tie down straps today. You will find all of the relevant product information that you need below.

What are wheel straps?

A wheel strap does just what it says on the tin. The vehicle wheels are harnessed by the wheel strap which is then attached to the recovery vehicle. This is most commonly used in the vehicle recovery or transport industries. Wheels, given their rounded nature, can be susceptible to rolling. But while a handbrake can help to alleviate this issue, wheel straps will keep an operation much safer.

There are various laws and guidelines that apply to the vehicle recovery and transport industry.  This is equipment is one of the strongest ways to ensure this.

Various models are available but these tend to fall into medium duty and heavy duty categories. What you need will depend on the type of applications you have for your wheel straps purchase.

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Some of the key information about wheel straps:

  • All wheel straps sold are compliant with the EN12195-2: 2001 load restraint standard
  • They come in a range of rated strength weights; please enquire below for more information
  • The product is also available in a range of lengths too, perfect for a variety of applications. Again, please enquire with us below
  • The product features a buckle-like strap with a quick release mechanism for ease of use
  • The strap itself is produced from 100% polyester
  • Straps are clearly marked with product information and traceable data.

This equipment is suitable for a range of vehicles, from both smaller models to larger ones. Specially designed to prevent scratching, scuffing or abrasion damage to the alloy wheels.

More information on polyester

This material is extremely strong and durable which is why we use it. This means that it is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, moisture and mildew.

Its durable nature also means that it is resistant to wrinkles, stretching, shrinking and abrasion. Again, these are things that it will be subject to when used, and so a high level of resistance to this is crucial.

It is also a quick drying material and will always retain its shape.

Order your equipment today

Wheel straps are typically supplied to the industry standard length, which is 4 metres, but we are more than happy to discuss additional requirements with you. Rope Services Direct  can custom make any strap. All of our cargo and ratchet lashing equipment is designed with safety and strength in mind, and this is absolutely paramount given the nature of the operations that wheel straps are used for.

Do speak to us on 01384 78004 if you want to discuss this further, or need an alternative length or special type of end fittings. Or if you have any another requirements or questions, we would be more than happy to help on the number above. Alternatively, please find a full list of our contact details here.

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